Emmerson Mnangagwa ‘is a mature politician… he’s capable of bringing change’, Zimbabwe church leaders say

arare – Churches in Zimbabwe have reportedly endorsed President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government, saying that the country “is not a militarised state”.

According to the state-owned Herald newspaper, various church leaders this week defended Mnangagwa’s administration and maintained that Zimbabwe was “not a militarised state”, as key institutions were “not manned by military personnel”.

They said that Mnangagwa was “capable of ushering in change”.

The church leaders said this during a meeting with the president in the capital Harare.

NewsDay reported that the church leaders flooded the podium to endorse Mnangagwa’s candidacy in the upcoming polls, with the Zion Christian Church leader, Nehemiah Mutendi, describing the president as a “mature politician”.

“We will pledge on behalf of the bishops, we will advise our members and we will tell the truth that this is the person we must support. Let’s give him the opportunity. As churches we are shepherds and we will tell our congregants to support you,” Mutendi was quoted as saying.

Last week the country’s traditional leaders also endorsed the Mnangagwa’s candidacy, saying that they would never “allow anyone who never fought in the liberation struggle or was an infant during that period to become the country’s president”.


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