Robert Mugabe monthly-pension asked as cash payment

Zimbabwe’s cash crisis is still severe but one person who has no intention of queuing at the bank is former president Robert Mugabe.

Leaked documents show the central bank has been asked to pay his retirement package and monthly pension in cash, even though his government was blamed for creating the cash shortage.

The state-run Sunday Mail says it has seen a letter to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe from the head of the public service commission Mariyawanda Nzuwah.

In it, the official asks the central bank to pay Mugabe’s pension pay-out of nearly half a million US dollars and his monthly pension of more than $13,000 in cash.

The paper said that while he was still president, Mugabe was getting $20,000 in cash a month, despite biting cash shortages.

Zimbabwe’s banks remain very short of cash: clients have to queue for hours to withdraw as little as $20.



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