Zimbabweans Attempting to Block Cremation of Relative Killed in USA

A Zimbabwean family is breathing fire following the death of their relative, Nandi, who died under mysterious circumstances and is expected to be cremated in United States.

According to her aunt, Mildred Maseko, the late Nandi’s husband (name supplied) is insisting that she should be cremated early Thursday morning at an army barracks in Al Paso, Texas, where she used to work as a soldier.

Mrs. Maseko claims that they have been informed by the army that a medical report released Tuesday indicates that Nandi took her own life last Wednesday.

“We are disputing all this as there are certain gray areas which need to be addressed before our daughter is cremated. We have informed the late Nandi’s husband that it is not part of our culture to cremate people but he does not want to listen to us.

“To make matters worse, the gun which took her life belongs to him and at the same time he is believed to have taken a break from work on the day Nandi died and gone home where he ‘discovered’ that Nandi had died while inside the family vehicle. All what we know is that the two were always involved in domestic disputes and nothing else.”

Mrs. Maseko further noted that the late Nandi’s husband was locked up by the army last Friday and upon his release on Monday he wanted to hurry over her burial.

“We are now contacting the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) to see it they can assist in stopping the burial. We have not seen anything like this in our life.”

The late Nandi’s husband was not reachable on his mobile phone.

There was no comment from the army and police.

Mrs. Maseko told VOA Studio 7 that “Nandi never showed that she was suicidal even when the two were engaged in domestic disputes. She spoke to her brothers before her death.

“We hired private investigators and they are looking into the case. Our concern is that this guy went back home alone and claimed that he found Nandi dead in their vehicle. Why did he go back home at 11am? We are really worried about this issue.”

The late Nandi was planning to leave the army as she had already enrolled at a local college to do some studies. “This shows that she was in the right frame of mind,” claimed Mrs. Maseko.


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