Joice Mujuru Makes First 100 Days In Office Pledge

The People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC) led by Dr Joice Mujuru’ s covenant with the people of Zimbabwe in its First 100 Days in Government consists of 10 Pledges summarized as follows:

Pledge 1 Cabinet Composition:

PRC will establish a leaner, more productive, gender and age sensitive cabinet characterised by skills mix, experience, technical astuteness and national integration.

Pledge 2 Consummate Devolution

The PRC Government will implement the devolution provisions of the Constitution including swearing-in of all Provincial MPs and setting up of the Provincial Councils all provinces of Zimbabwe.

Pledge 3 Repeal of Repressive Legislation

The PRC Government will immediately repeal the Indigenization and Empowerment Act, POSA and AIPPA.

Pledge 4 International Investment and Trade Conference:

The PRC Government will convene an international conference aimed at creating confidence and attracting foreign and domestic investment back into the mainstream economy thereby setting the stage for economic recovery and job creation programme.

Pledge 5 Re-join Commonwealth

The PRC Government will urgently take steps to rejoin the Commonwealth and seek to remove all impediments including ZIDERA that have been inhibiting Zimbabwe from enjoying investment, development finance and trade relations with the rest of the world.

Pledge 6 Join the Common Monetary Area (CMA)/Rand Monetary Union

The PRC Government will urgently take steps to join the CMA in order to address the current liquidity crunch and cash crisis. The details of this randisation policy are captured in our Election Manifesto to be released in due course

Pledge 7 Free Primary Education

The PRC Government will ensure that every child will get free access to primary education. And long term concessional loans will be extended to students in colleges, universities and tertiary institutions.

Pledge 8 Agriculture and Food Security

The PRC government will issue bankable Title Deeds to A1 and A2 farmers. Former commercial farmers will receive their compensation as per the provisions of the Constitution.

Pledge 9 Judiciary Inquiries

The PRC government will institute 2 judiciary inquiries on disappearances. One on missing persons such Itai Dzamara and Paul Chizuze and others. And another on the missing USD 15 bn and other illicit financial flows.

Pledge 10 Launch a War Against Corruption

The PRC government will fight and uproot corruption, bribery, fraud and theft wherever it might be found. A lifestyle audit on public officials will be carried out at the very outset of the Mujuru-Administration.

NB. The details of the PRC’s Inclusive Developmental Agenda (IDEA) are contained in the Manifesto that will be launched in due course.