British gangs ‘force girls as young as 12 to line-up and have sex with 10 men one after another’

Girls as young as 12 are being pressured to have sex with up to 10 gang members at a time – one after another – in a sickening hierarchical system, it is claimed.

An expert in youth violence claims that the girls are regularly being placed in specific categories to dictate to them the roles they are expected to play – making it clear where they stand in the hierarchy of importance.

Former Home Office adviser and charity chief Jennifer Blake also claims that so-called ‘line-ups’ are expected to perform sexual services for their ‘boyfriends’ – and those who fall pregnant are abandoned.

When they progress from being ‘line-ups’ they can still be summoned to sleep with smaller groups of three or four men at a time.

Ms. Blake told the┬áMail on Sunday┬áthat vulnerable girls are also asked to hide drugs and weapons for gang members, who they would do “anything” for.

She outlined five levels for girls within gangs.

At the lowest level are ‘line-ups’, who are pressured into having sex with groups of up to 10 gang members at a time.

Next up are ‘links’, who are expected to sleep with smaller groups of three or four, consisting of her lover and his friends.

‘Baby mothers’ are generally cut loose after gangsters get them pregnant, Ms Blake said.

Above these are ‘girls’, who gang members form loose relationships with, and then ‘wifeys’, who are treated as girlfriends.

Describing ‘line-ups’, Ms Blake told the Mail on Sunday: “If the girls are line-up, there could be ten men.

“The men literally line up. She has sex with one then moves on to the next one, has sex with him and so on.”

She said that girls are attracted by the ‘glamour’ of gang life, but often find themselves being attacked and raped in sickening crimes aimed at their partners.


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