Zimbabwe : MDC threatens protests over electoral reforms

MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa says his party will go into street demonstrations and boycott elections if no electoral reforms are made.

He was speaking at a rally held at Jerera Growth Point in Masvingo Province yesterday.

“We are going to hold countrywide demonstrations if our demands for electoral reforms are not met. We are not yet demonstrating because were still in talks but if these talks fail, we will then demonstrate so that the whole world will know that we want free and fair elections,” said Chamisa.

The MDC Alliance presidential candidate also said public debates among all the political party leaders should be held in the build up to the elections.

He also said his party will not be imposing candidates, but will field candidates elected by the people.

Chamisa went on to tell his party supporters that if they vote for MDC, cash will be poured into the economy.


Staff Reporter

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