Zimbabwe is on the verge of perishing because of a clueless leadership says Chamisa

Movement for Democratic Change leader Nelson Chamisa today said Zimbabwe is on the verge of perishing because of a clueless leadership.

He said this in his weekly Road to Victory message send out every Tuesday and quoted from the bible which says “where there is no vision, the people perish”.

Chamisa addressed rallies in Manicaland at the weekend and even had time to go to church.

“It is my maxim that whatever we do in politics or whichever vocation, we must never forget to serve and plead with our Lord in Heaven,” he said.

“Before I left Mutare, I had the occasion to go church, where I joined other Zimbabweans in prayer.

“Indeed, whatever our circumstances or social station in life, the Lord we serve is a God of eternal goodness and mercy. I saw the Lord’s grace at the church Mutare and had occasion to see His power at work.”

Chamisa also said he was told by the people at Ruwangwe that the place was the gateway for ;liberation and transformation icons.

“The people of Nyanga of North said they were ready for a truly new dispensation that will be ushered in by the next election,” he says.

“They said all who must lead this country have to first pass through their area as Robert Mugabe and Edgar Tekere did way back in the 1970s when they passed through this area into Mozambique.

“Ruwangwe, they said, had always been a gateway to liberation and transformation icons and it was in that spirit that they were receiving me and other leaders.

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“They said they were heartened that I had also passed through their area to interact and share with them our policy ideas. This, they said, was ominous of the good times ahead for the country. I felt humbled.”