Nelson Chamisa Gets British Police Escort Out Of Rally

MDC-T President Nelson Chamisa had to be escorted out of the venue of his United Kingdom rally in Bedford on Sunday as the hundreds of Zimbabweans would not let go of him.

In his Facebook post on Monday morning, Chamisa thanked the thousand Zimbabweans who thronged the rally from all over the United Kingdom for attending the hurriedly organised rally.

“UK Rally Massive & Impressive…Thank you Cdes & friends in the UK,” wrote Chamisa.

“I am humbled by the number of Zimbabweans who attended our Bedford UK rally.The entire area was packed!Cars were all over.Parking ran out.

“When I arrived I thought there was some Man U match but alas it was just Zimbabweans yearning for a soon coming new dawn.

“The British police had to be called in to escort us out of the venue coz the people couldn’t let us leave the venue out of genuine love.People kept on demanding more!!”