Boy dies after mother strangles, suffocates him in dish full of water to death

A 38-year-old mother in Zimbabwe reportedly appeared in court last week after she allegedly strangled and suffocated her son in a dish full of water until he died.

According to New Zimbabwe, Vanessa Ayinesi Bwaneli appeared at the Harare magistrate’s court on a murder charge after killing her son Tinashe on December 21 last year.

The court heard that after Bwaneli had suffocated her son, she rushed to the clinic pretending that the boy had accidentally fallen into the dish of water.

It was, however, discovered that she was lying after a nurse at the clinic interrogated her.

A police report was made, thus, leading to her arrest.

Another woman was also hauled before the court last week for allegedly strangling her new born baby in a bid to save her new marriage.

According to NewsDay, the 23-year-old Epworth woman, Grace Mukwena, appeared before a Harare magistrate’s court on an infanticide charge.

She was remanded to May 14 on $50 bail.

It was revealed that Mukwena lied to her newlywed husband when she experienced labour pains on April 27, saying she was going to relieve herself in the toilet outside.

“Mukwena then gave birth to a baby girl and strangled the infant to death. Mukwena’s husband noticed that she had taken much time outside and made a follow up, where he discovered that she had given birth and that the baby was lifeless,” the report said.

In shock, the husband informed his neighbours, who wrapped the baby in a cloth and took her to a nearby clinic where the nurses discovered that the baby had been strangled.


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