BREAKING: ECG head pastor resigns

ENLIGHTENED Christian Gathering Church (ECG) Zimbabwe’s head pastor Patrick Boanerge has resigned, amid reports of a scathing power struggle within the church.

ECG church, which was founded by prominent, Malawian born charismatic prophet Sheppard Bushiri, was established in Zimbabwe about three years ago and is headquartered in Bulawayo.

Pastor Boanerge resigned from the church during a church service, held a fortnight ago.

The clergyman, who has since grown popular, has however, refuted claims of a power struggle, saying that he resigned from the church on his own accord to pursue a higher calling from the Almighty.

“After almost three years as a leader of ECG church in Zimbabwe it is time for our family to leave this great ministry. We leave with a clean and pure heart, after completing what God had called us to do. We are now ready to take up another challenge as God directs us.

“There is nothing about a power struggle and nothing happened. I just listened to the word of God, which I followed and the church is very much intact and strong. To put it on record I never fought with anyone and I still consider Major 1 (Sheppard Bushiri as my spiritual father. I resigned from the church but never rebelled,” he said.

Pastor Boanerge, who developed the church from a tiny gathering into a mega church in Zimbabwe, said he was taking time to fast and pray as God had other plans for him.

“For now that is what I can say, I grew the church from a gathering of only 60 people to 4 000 people and had plans to develop it further. I will forever be grateful to the ECG family for the love and support,” he said.

Before addressing the issue, rumours had been circulating across the Christian society, where pastor Boanerge was said to have been a victim of a power struggle.

“It is said that two bulls can never cohabit in a stall. There were other pastors from the church that had been eying his position and are responsible for the rumours that have been circulating. Nobody really knows why he resigned but the church is at a great loss and we don’t know whether it will continue to flourish in Zimbabwe,” said a source from the church.

His spokesperson Mr Sylvester Machingura said pastor Boanerge was highly grateful for the love and support he had received from the ministry, during his tenure there.

“He served diligently under the anointing of prophet Bushiri and God delivered people, signs and miracles were the order of the day. Therefore we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the ECG church in Zimbabwe, its leadership, members and partners. We remain indebted to our father Major 1 for raising us,” said Mr Machingura. Pastor Boanerge had introduced various activities and fundraising initiatives to build a 10 000 seater church for the church in Zimbabwe.

He said he was still committed to fulfilling the promises he had pledged during his time at ECG.

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