Grace Mugabe diplomatic immunity case to be heard in Pretoria today and tomorrow

The case in which a South African human rights group, Afriforum, is challenging the granting of diplomatic immunity to former First Lady Grace Mugabe after she allegedly assaulted a South African model will be heard at the Guateng High Court in Pretoria today and tomorrow.

Afriforum, largely considered an Afrikaaner rights group, said the court application is the first important step in a process to have Grace Mugabe prosecuted for her allegedly assaulting Gabriella Engels.

The former First Lady allegedly assaulted Gabriella Engels with an electric cord in August last year when she found her with her two sons at a luxury hotel in posh suburb of Sandton in Johannesburg.

The case attracted a lot of attention in South Africa and was even debated in Parliament after Grace Mugabe was silently granted diplomatic immunity, saving her from prosecution.

Should Afriforum win its case, this will pave the way for the National Prosecuting Authority to prosecute Grace Mugabe.

AfriForum says it will institute private prosecution if the NPA decides not to prosecute her.

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