Hwange women strike political: Kagonye

The government says the strike by women at Hwange Colliery is politically motivated and spearheaded by an unnamed political party seeking self-serving interests.

Labour and Social Welfare Minister Cde Petronella Kagonye told parliament during the question and answer session that her ministry had intervened and done all it could to assist and the company had been religiously complying with agreements entered into by the employees.

Parliamentarians had sought clarity on the state of affairs at the former coal mining giant.

Early this week, Hwange Colliery technical committee board chair and company Chief Executive Officer appeared before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy hearing on the state of affairs at the colliery.

The technical committee on operations Chairperson Mrs Ntombizodwa Masaru said they required US$70 million to pay off workers salary arrears and required a total of US$500 million capital injection for the company to get back on track.

As part of the many options under considerations, the committee is hoping to sell Hwange town to local government for US$300 million.


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