Jessie Majome Dumps Nelson Chamisa, Set to Contest As Independent

HARARE WEST MP Jessie Majome has withdrawn from the MDC-T primary elections because she believes the outcome of the vote has already been determined as evidenced by factors which she also highlighted to the senior party officials.
Majome told us that she has been asked by the people to contest the polls as an independent even if she is still a member of the MDC-T led by Nelson Chamisa.

“I can say I’s humbled, strengthened and encouraged by you Harare westerners and friends from all over who have reached out to me with words of encouragement and words of strength ever since I announced that I will no longer seek the party’s ticket and encouraged me that we as Harare westerners must not drop the microphone as Harare westerners in the national assembly.

“I have not quit the MDC-T. I have withdrawn from vying for the ticket for the primaries of the MDC-T,” she said/

She indicated that she met with the MDC-T chairperson Morgen Komichi and spelt out all the issues related to the primaries.

Majome noted that Komichi promised to come back to her but has not yet done so.

The Harare West legislator has been the fieriest and action oriented opposition MP in the National Assembly and had been the lawmaker for the constituency in the last 10 years having been elected in 2008 and 2013.

She expressed grave concern over the MDC-T primaries in which she was pitted against former student leader Joanna Mamombe, who she accuses of accessing vital voter information ahead of the primaries.

“… As I indicated in my letter (to the MDC-T) is that the net result of the process that will go on in the primary elections is such that the bonafide generality of the residents of Harare West themselves are not going to be able to go and express their will and so what better way to promote that or take the steps that I have taken …”

Majome said she intends participating in the forthcoming parliamentary election as an independent candidate.

“… I have withdrawn from seeking the party ticket and I intend when the election comes, as the elections isn’t here like the election dates and so on … When that time comes I am going to compete for the seat of Harare West and that is what I’m going to do. Whatever consequences in my conscience I am ready and clear to take whatever consequences that will come because I’m acting according to my conscience …”

She is the first MDC-T senior party official to dump the party ahead of the general elections claiming serious irregularities in the selection of candidates to contest the forthcoming polls.

Party acting spokesperson Thabitha Khumalo and Komichi were not be reachable for comment.

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