Nelson Chamisa presidential election agent hints that elections must be postponed

Movement for Democratic Change Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s election agent Jameson Timba has hinted that the coming elections, now less than 40 days away, should be postponed because of the irregularities in the electoral process.

He also hinted that the MDC Alliance might boycott the polls because of the arrogance of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission boss Priscillah Chigumba who said nothing short of an earthquake can stop the elections.

Timba who said he had so far been unable to get a copy of the voters’ roll said though he was a layman, he did not agree with Justice Chigumba’s sentiments that parties not happy with the current electoral flaws must wait until after the elections to raise their complaints in the courts.

He cited a judgment by Justice Devittie in which he said: “Irregularities complained of could and ought to have been raised in the pre-election period. A postponement of the election could have been sought a party does not have to wait until the entire electoral process is completed.”

It was not clear whether by citing this case Timba wanted the elections postponed until the irregularities have been rectified.

He added, however: “We do recognize and respect ZEC’s role as a referee in this election but it is important that ZEC understands that other than an earthquake, the players on July 30 can stop the election by refusing to participate in a sham.”

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