‘Army promising to give power to Nelson Chamisa’

Brigadier Agrippa Mutambara the MDC Alliance principal has said the military is willing to give power to their president Nelson Chamisa if he wins the 30 July election.

Mutambara made his remarks at a rally in Bindura Chipadze stadium saying he was communicating with army officials who are promising to give Chamisa power.

“I am a well decorated war veteran and former army officer, the current army commanders are very professional, l talk to them daily and they are promising to give power to president Chamisa if he wins on Monday and no doubt he is winning,” said Mutambara.

Mutambara was endorsed as Bindura North Member of Parliament by Chamisa at the same rally.

He also said war veterans were also keen to work with Chamisa having noticed that the country had failed to rise.

“As a war veteran l also talk to my colleagues over the continuous deterioration of our Zimbabwean economy and they are eager to work with a youthful president with a better vision.

Mutambara scoffed at ZANU PF cars and regalia saying those materials do not vote on Monday.

“If cars and regalia would vote surely Zanu PF was going to win but unfortunately it is the people that vote with this multitude  Zanu will not stand a chance,” he said before busrting into a song ‘ukavhotera Zanu uchaiona nhamo yacho.


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