$1m gold vanishes from Zimbabwe police station

Gold worth $1 million has vanished at a police station in Plumtree

The gold, weighing 28,5kg, was being kept as an exhibit at the station since September 2015.

The total value of the gold stolen is $970,009.80, police say.

The theft was discovered on Wednesday at around 11am by officers who were on duty.

The memo says a Chief Inspector Mangena first discovered that two FN Rifles booked on the Charge Office diary were not there physically, and enquired from Chief Inspector Munasireyi if he had knowledge of where the guns were being kept.

Munasireyi, the memo continues, told Mangena that he would check in the armoury using keys that had been left to him by Inspector Vhiyano during a change of shift.

But on arrival at the armoury, Munasireyi – in the company of Mangena and Sergeant Major Shumba, discovered a key on the door. The door was not locked.

“He then tried to remove the key which was left stuck in the key hole and he eventually removed it with difficulties,” the memo says.

“Sergeant Major Shumba who had knowledge about the gold kept in the armoury as an exhibit for the Minerals and Border Control Unit Plumtree proceeded to the bucket where the gold weighing 28.53kg was kept wrapped in a khakhi paper. He discovered that the khakhi paper was torn the gold was missing.”

The total value of the gold stolen is $970,009.80, police say.

The Criminal Investigations Department has taken over the investigation.

Under “outstanding”, the police memo says officers were trying to locate Inspector Vhiyano who was last seen with the armoury keys.

Investigators also want to establish how the armoury key was duplicated; take stock of arms and ammunition and send uplifted fingerprints for processing at CID Bulawayo.

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