Zimbabwe Former First Lady Grace Mugabe’s Mother Dies

Former Zimbabwe First Lady Grace Mugabe’s mother has died

Grace Mugabe’s elderly mother, Idah Marafu, died on Friday morning at the Trauma Centre in the wealthy Harare suburb of Borrowdale.

This was revealed today at the Harare magistrates court at the Rotten Row building.

“The elderly(in her 90s) died at around 10 at the Trauma Centre in Borrowdale,” the G40 youth Kudzanayi Chipanga was overheard saying.

All roads lead to Robert Mugabe’s Blue Roof residence.

It was reported this week that both Grace Mugabe herself and her 94-year-old husband are not well.

The wife of the former president is currently in Singapore, according to a letter of congratulations Robert Mugabe sent Emmerson Mnangagwa after his inauguration as president on Sunday.

“Your Excellency, thank you for your invitation to me and my wife to attend the inauguration ceremony. My wife is not well in Singapore and also I am not well,” the letter said.

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