Uganda’s minister bans festival for celebration of homosexuality

Uganda’s minister for ethics and integrity, Simon Lokodo, has banned a popular two-day international music and arts festival based on allegations that it is a “celebration of homosexuality”.

Minister Simon Lokodo said the government had “information that open sex, noise, homosexuality, LGBTI will be part of” the Nyege Nyege festival, which is due to start on 6 Septembe

The festival is sponsored by South African telecom company MTN and its partners include Coca Cola and the British Council.

The festival is popular among young and urban Ugandans and has been an annual event since 2015.

he country’s censorship board banned a Dutch film, The Dinner Club, after accusing it of “glorifying homosexuality” the Embassy of The Netherlands in Kampala said at the time.

Homosexual acts are illegal in Uganda and the LGBT community has faced physical attacks and social rejection.

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