Nelson Chamisa says Mnangagwa Cabinet is ‘llegitimate’

MDC Leader Nelson Chamisa has described President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Cabinet announced last Friday as “illegitimate” in his first public comments.

“An illegitimate President can’t possibly appoint a legitimate Cabinet. Two fresh apples cannot redeem a rotten basket! The real deal is coming,” the MDC Alliance leader said on Twitter Saturday, hours before he addressed a “thank you rally” in Chitungwiza.

Mnangagwa is being accused by Nelson Chamisa of electoral theft following a disputed vote on July 30, and has refused to concede defeat to his Zanu PF rival.

Mnangagwa announced a 20-member Cabinet together with nine provincial ministers and 13 deputy ministers.

But Chamisa, who is embarking on nationwide rallies to consult supporters on the way forward, says he does not recognise the 75-year-old as the country’s leader, and similarly his appointments.

“This cabinet suffers a lot of previous co-morbidities and dirty baggage. The appointment of a couple of notable names is just but a cheap attempt to give gravitas to a weak president,” Chamisa said in a later statement released by his spokesman Nkululeko Sibanda.Mnangagwa’s inauguration, the 40-year-old lawyer said, had “ignited a catastrophic economic decline, like no other just after an election.”

“A government is as strong as its leader and as economically capable as it is legitimate. Name-bombing, by throwing into the basket Professor Mthuli Ncube and Kirsty Coventry, is an unsophisticated way of pampering a largely incontinent Cabinet,” he said.

Nelson Chamisa accused Mnangagwa of making unconstitutional appointments by naming provincial ministers, which the MDC Alliance says undermines provisions of devolution of power under the new constitution adopted in 2013.

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“Provincial councils will have no role in circumstances where a province already has an executive minister. It is also a shame that the declared President has announced 43 ministers and deputies and lies that he appointed 20 ministers. Zimbabweans can see through the lie,” the statement said.