Kessie Nair arrested calling Ramaphosa the k-word

Kessie Nair has been arrested after using a racial slur to describe President Cyril Ramaphosa in a video that has been widely shared online.

In the nearly five-minute long rant Mr Nair says that the president should be charged with “frauding this nation, for oppressing this nation, for high treason for failing and he’s the source to all crime violence poor healthcare, poverty that prevails in a so-called true democracy”.Mr Nair is due to appear in court on the charge of crimen injuria, which is defined as impairing the dignity of another.

Earlier this year, Vicky Momberg was jailed on the same charge.

Mr Nair has defended his commments, which he posted on Facebook, saying that he was trying to get the nation’s attention.

“Nobody wakes up one morning and makes a statement and a video like that on social media,” he is quoted as saying.

In the video, Mr Nair criticises the current government saying that it is continuing the policies of racial division.

His family says he has mental health problems and needs help, the Citizen newspaper reports.

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