Rwandan imprisoned opposition leader Diane Rwigara to go on trial for ‘insurrection’

Diane Rwigara, a woman who tried to challenge Paul Kagame in Rwanda’s presidential elections last year is due to go on trial today.

Diane Rwigara charges of inciting rebellion and has already spent a year in prison. Her mother is also on trial.

President Paul Kagame shocked many in his country and around the world last week when he granted more than 2,000 prisoners an unexpected pardon.

Diane Rwigara and her mother insist the charges against them are politically motivated.

They banned Ms Rwigara from running in last year’s presidential election, which Mr Kagame won with nearly 99% of the vote.

The 37-Year-old fierce critic of President Kagame launched her election bid three months ahead of the August 2017 presidential vote. Shortly after she began her presidential campaign, Rwigara was disqualified by electoral authorities.

The government claimed she exaggerated the number of signatures needed to qualify and accused her of submitting the names of dead people, charges Rwigara denies.

Her father, who died in 2015, was businessman Assinapol Rwigara, a former supporter of Mr Kagame.

The family claim he was killed by the Rwandan authorities – something the Government officials deny.

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