Bulelani Lobengula crowned the Ndebele King

The royal Khumalo Family descendants of last Ndebele King, Lobengula Khumalo, declared on Saturday that they had crowned Prince Bulelani Lobengula Khumalo as the new King of the Ndebele people.

The family said the announcement of the official coronation of the King which took place on the 28th of September at a private ceremony, brought joy and abundance from those who had attended the commemoration of King Mzilikazi at his grave site.

According to the royal family, spokesperson, Khumalo has crowned the king at a ceremony held in Bulawayo after government cancelled a much-publicised coronation event which was set for March 4 this year.

It is not yet clear what the new king’s functions will be under the laws of the country that do not provide for the existence of a king.

Mthwakazi Republic Party has congratulated King Bulelani Lobhengula Khumalo on the occasion of his inauguration as the 3rd King of Mthwakazi people, after his great-grandfather King Lobhengula Khumalo.

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