Mnangagwa replaces Christopher Mutsvangwa with Andrew Bvumbe

Zimbabwe president Emmerson Mnangagwa has proceeded to hire outgoing World Bank employee to the post of a technical advisor.

Bvumbe was previously rumoured to be the incoming reserve bank of Zimbabwe governor. But in a sudden turn of events, Mnangagwa changed his mind at the last minute.

The latest development was revealed by his spokesperson George Charamba who said that Andrew Bvumbe, will be a technical advisor to the President and cabinet.

Mangudya’s tenure at the RBZ will now be extended.

In his bold denial, Charamba claimed that Mangudya is even more qualified than Bvumbe. He told the Daily News, “Why is there that misconception that when you come back from the World Bank, you must be landed with the post of the governor?

“This guy is an MSc; Mangudya has a PhD. Which is a higher qualification, what is the point?”