Zimbabwe Government issues statement on chamisa kidnap attempt

Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration has issued a statement on the attempted abduction of MDC President, Nelson Chamisa.

Below is the statement

The Government has been made aware of the video that has been circulating on social media purporting to depict an attempted abduction of the Opposition leader, Mr Nelson Chamisa.

Government would like to assure the public, all opposition panics and their leadership that it acknowledges and supports the legal existence of the Opposition Parties as enshrined in our Constitution.

Government is dismayed at the imputation that State Agents would attempt to abduct Opposition Leaders. That notion is not only false but also mischievous more-so taken in light of the efforts by Government to harmonise all laws and practice with the Constitution. Reports filed with the police indicate that some people were coming from Marondera, driving behind what they later learnt to be Mr Chamisa’s convoy.

Suddenly the convoy stopped and blocked them from overtaking, they were aggressively confronted and manhandled by members of Mr Chamisa’s entourage including Mr Chamisa who lobbed himself at the back seat of their vehicle punching and scratching.

The victims oust ordinary citizens going about their own business until the attack) have reported this matter to the police who arc carrying out further investigations; this would appear to be a road rage incident.

The Government would like to categorically state that neither the Intelligence Services nor any Security Services or any arm of Government owns the Toyota Ifarrier in that video.

A quick check at the Central Vehicle Registry (CVR) would show the media or any interested panics who the owner of the Toyota Harrier is In any event. ZRP is sized with that the President Department is awake to the call by the New Dispensations to operate within the confines of the Constitution particularly section 224(2) which requires also alert to the vision held by His Excellency the President of Zimbabwe to establish the institution of Opposition by having an Official Leader of the Opposition in Parliament whose office is funded by the State The Department subjects itself to the authority of the Constitution, the President and the aspirations of the people of Zimbabwe and would not act contrary to those ethos.

For the avoidance of any doubt the CIO was not involved in this tenoned incident which is now under police investigation. Lets us all give the police the support cooperation and space they need to execute their constitutional mandate.
I thank you

Monica Mutsvangwa.
Minister of Information And Broadcasting Services.