Mthuli Ncube accounces salary cuts, reduced bonus

Zimbabwe finance Minister Mthuli Ncube in a mild rebuke of quasi-fiscal expenditures over the past decade, quoted Peter Drucker: “Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all…”

“All RBZ quasi-fiscal activities are being discounted. Public expenditure must be confined to budget provisions.”

“2019 budget places emphasis on living within our means.”

“SALARY CUTS: It is critical we reduce spending on employment costs. Effective January 1, a 5 percent cut be effected for all senior officials from directors, going up to ministers and presidium. It also affects executive directors in public enterprises, constitutional commissions and grant-aided institutions.”

“BONUS: Government has taken decision to pay 13th cheque, with commitment this is paid before the end of year. Bonus will only be the doubling of basic salary, excluding allowances.”

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