Biti questions composition of Mothlante Commission

As expected Tendai Biti the MDC Alliance vice chairperson has appeared before the Mothlante Commission enquiry into the August 1 post-election killings.

Appearing before the commission to testify Biti questioned the composition saying some of the commissioners were loyal to Zanu PF.

“Mr. Chairperson the composition of the Commission does not inspire confidence to a bystander. Some of the commissioners are known to be Zanu PF loyalists, what does it mean to a bystander to have Charity Manyeruke as one of the commissioners” asked Biti

Biti went on to say Manyeruke was a known Zanu PF activist who should have long resigned from the moment she was appointed.

“I have a problem with Commissioner Manyeruke who allegiance to Zanu PF is no secret, Mr. Chair she appeared in various video footages campaigning for Mnangagwa, I feel that she should have resigned from that chair on the basis of transparency.

“I also have a problem with one of the commissioners, I don’t know his name, but the white guy who I researched on and found that he deals with military regimes. On Chief Anyaoko because he comes from a military background so is the Retired General who intelligence from my party have gathered has connections with Mnangagwa” said Biti

He further said that he was appearing before the commission under protest.

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