‘The MDC is captured, Chamisa a dictator’

Harare – Chaos ensued at a press briefing in Harare when members of the MDC-Alliance confronted a group calling itself ‘Defending the Morgan Tsvangirai Legacy’ (DMTL).

The DMTL claim they are a pressure group advocating for the founding principles left by the late veteran politician.

“Our coming into being is occasioned by our utter disgust and dismay at the deliberate and persistent efforts which are currently being directed at the destruction of the people’s project which efforts have gathered momentum with the passing on of our icon Dr. Morgan Richard Tsvangirai” said Weber Chinyadza the group’s information officer

The group says the MDC had been captured by an illegitimate leadership which is using dictatorship in leading the organisation.

“We are not blind to the fact that the MDC has been besieged by an unelected leadership which is consciously and persistently using very undemocratic practices to lead the organisation. It is in the public domain that this self-imposed leadership has usurped the people’s right to select their own leaders and has unashamedly left one person to appoint and co-opt his own cronies into position of party leadership a custom well-orchestrated in Zanu PF” he said

It was after he tore into the party’s youth assembly commonly referred to as the ‘Vanguards’ that commotion started.

“What is even a more blatant assault on democracy is the use of vanguards to beat up their own members purely for expressing their own opinions thereby instilling fear and Nazi type dictatorship and autocracy in the MDC” said Chinyadza

One of the youths interjected “We came here with the hope that you are genuine, how can you say you are pressure group yet you are sounding to have been sent by someone, who sent you?”

Chairman of the group Edwin Dzambara tried in vain to calm the situation but the MDC members could not hear any of it. They eventually left leaving the DMTL group to continue with their presser.

The groups says it is representing the legacy left by Morgan Tsvangirai therefore was no in any way supporting an appointed leader in Nelson Chamisa.

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