Thousands face eviction or house demolitions in Zimbabwe

Harare- Thousands of Zimbabweans face eviction or demolition of homes after they settled on unauthorised state land.

Secretary of the Land Commission Virginia Mabhiza confirmed the move whilst addressing journalist in Harare. She said houses will be demolished and land repossessed.

“There are chances of houses being demolished but perhaps that rests with the local authorities and the board and the local government ministry.

“You find that some areas which were reserved for recreational activities are now occupied and that poses a great threat to the occupants of the area. There needs to be a recommendation from the powers that be in order for that sort of action to be taken,” said Mabhiza

Zimbabwe is facing a huge housing deficit and this has left desperate home seekers losing their hard earned money to bogus land developers.

In 2005 the government sanctioned the demolition of all illegal structures. The government has since appointed a commission of inquiry, tasked with investigating actors involved in the allocation of fraudulent land and to look into the land acquisition and allocation by current occupants.

Chairperson of the Land Commission Justice Tendai Uchena said his commission will furnish President Mnangagwa with a report and he will decide on what to do.

 “We have a report that we will give to His Excellence but it is upon himself to make it public,” he said.

Already the commission has instigated the arrest of more than 70 bogus land barons who were selling residential and commercial stands to unsuspecting members of the public.

In its findings, the commission of inquiry has conducted site visits and hearings on 14 urban state land units in Matebeleland South Province, Bulawayo Metropolitan Province and Matebeleland North Province.

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