War Veterans besiege Mnangagwa’s Office

Harare- Members of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) besieged President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Munhumutapa offices demanding that he honours part of the perks they were promised on top of the gratuities they were given in 1997.

The placard wielding War veterans were demanding that their monthly stipend be increased to $2000 againt the current $234 that they are getting to cushion them against the deteriorating economic crisis.

“Forever remaining unshaken in our commitment and pursuit for fulfillment of the core goals and values of the struggle as the ultimate target for the nation’s desired government system.
“Sadly observing, however, that the fundamental mistake made on attainment of our national political independence in 1980 was the rewarding and upliftment of the sellouts of the struggle while practically ignoring and relegating the mass of the people and their liberation struggle armed element to the periphery of governance and decent livelihoods” said the War veterans

The Veterans said they deserve to be treated better and deserve better livelihoods. “Cognisant of a sustained local and international media campaign to alienate us from the generality of the citizenry while equally undermining the struggle’s legacy though among other concerted nefarious efforts portraying us as mercenary and undeserving of any struggle gratuities and livelihood benefits due even by law” demanded the War veterans
They also took a swipe at Deputy Minister of Defence who is also Secretary General of the War Veterans Association Victor Matemadanda.
“Matemadanda must shut up he never went to war, he was a taxi driver in Zambia whilst we were fighting” said one War Veteran

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