Government insensitive about the plight of Zimbabweans

HARARE- Freezim Congress Party president Joseph Makamba Busha has castigated President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration saying there is ‘no new dispensation’ as the status remains the same.

Addressing journalist in Harare, Friday the businessman cum politician said the current situation is an indication of a country without new ideas.

“It is an indication of a country and a President who have got no new ideas at all and who continues with the old way of doing things and calling it a new dispensation, there is no new dispensation” Busha said

He said the so called new dispensation was insensitive about the plight of Zimbabweans as they are majoring on constructing the new Parliament yet hospitals have no drugs and equipment.

“The current government does not care and have no solution, the movement parliament from the central business district is not supposed to take place. There are a lot of priorities, our hospitals have no machines, medicines and I believe that is really insensitive to the issues that are facing the country. Moving Parliament from the CBD to Mt Hampden does not change anything, they need to be able to optimise the use of land and that land should be used for agriculture” he said.

Busha said Freezim Congress was concerned with the Executive expenditure which was equal to the budget of Ministry of Education and deemed it unacceptable.

“We are concerned with the executive expenditure in the budget presented by Minister Mthuli Ncube it is almost equal to the budget of the Ministry of Higher Education and that is unacceptable as there is no progress in terms of the things we want as a nation and also to be able to inspire confidence.

“As a party we are going to challenge through the constitutional court the movement of Parliament from the CBD to Mt Hampden. We are also going to challenge privatisation because we believe privatisation is not the solution. All the companies in Africa from China they are state owned and there is nothing wrong with state owned entities as long as that entity has the right men and women to take it forward. Privatisation is not a solution.

Busha is President of Freezim Congress, a political party in Zimbabwe. He is also the founder of the NGO JM Busha 54 Races for Peace and Unity in Africa. This NGO focuses on programs in Africa supporting music, sports, education, and arts in order to bring peace.