Bread Prices Doubles; Cost of Living in Zimbabwe is Increasingly getting difficult

The price of bread in Zimbabwe doubled over night. Bread has gone up to $2,50 from $1,40 with millers saying the increase is not associated with the cost of flour as the price of the product has remained constant.

Retailers have upped their prices to cushion themselves against foreign exchange losses, with consumers bearing the brunt.

Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) media and public relations manager Mr Garikai Chaunza said even though the bread price has been increased, the price of flour has remained unchanged.

“The GMAZ has noted the recent increase in bread prices. These bread price increases are however not in any way associated with flour cost drivers as the product (flour) supply price to bakers has remained constant,” he said.
“Flour supply to bakers has, however remained suppressed due to the non-availability of foreign currency to bring in imported wheat which is still held in Beira.”

However, due to the current economic challenges faced by the country, including the crippling foreign currency shortages, the high cost of goods in Zimbabwe is not limited to fuel.

After over a decade after ravaging hyperinflation characterised by steep commodity prices rising by the day it seems Zimbabwe remains a very expensive country to live in. Price hikes have now become all too common for the citizens.

Since the beginning of this new year, bread has been in short supply in most parts of the country. However, it has started to appear in most shops since the price was doubled over the past few days.

With a loaf now being sold for $2,50 at most outlets in the major cities, some supermarkets that bake bread as well as small bakeries are selling it at $2 per loaf.

Some in-house bakeries are reported to be giving customers the option to buy in US$0,70 per loaf, while demanding $2,50 per loaf for those paying in bond notes.

That said, it is not all doom and gloom in Zimbabwe, as the price of public transport has gone down from $1.50 to a dollar. This following the introduction of ZUPCO buses into some routes in the urban zones. The emergency taxis/ combis have had to bring their fares down.


Brilliant Pongo

Dr. Brilliant Pongo is media expert and educator. A seasoned journalist and author in his own right he brings a bundle of professionalism to Report Focus.