Mnangagwa misses in action as Chamisa says he is prepared

After snubbing Wednesday’s dialogue indaba called for by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, main opposition leader Nelson Chamisa attended the National leadership prayer breakfast meeting organised by churches.

The youthful leader said it was not possible to fully deal with issues at hand since President Mnangagwa had not attended.

“I observe that the man I contested in the last election is not here. It is not possible to exhaustively deal with issues in his absence. I would have wanted to say what I am saying in his presence. But in honour of the prophets here present, I will say my piece.

 “If there’s a room even at this hotel I’m ready to meet President Mnangagwa. I say President not because our dispute is resolved, but he’s President of his party and I’m President of mine” Chamisa said

Chamisa bemoaned the continued harassment of MDC MPs and the presence of army details in communities as a stumbling block to dialogue.

“I’m leader of a party with MPs who can’t even sleep at their houses on account of politics… leader of people who have been brutalised. I’m happy that bishops are leading this dialogue. All we want is to unite our nation. We can’t have dialogue when other people are in prison on account of politics, when people are mourning. We want our army to be where they should be: in the barracks, not in your homes.

“We as politicians are the trouble makers. We are responsible for the agony of our nation. I am ready any moment to meet President Mnangagwa to resolve issues affecting Zimbabwe, any delay is a life lost. We need to turn from our wicked ways” said the MDC Alliance leader

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On Wednesday President Mnangagwa met 12 of the 23 losing Presidential candidate at State with Chamisa ignoring the event citing that it lacked independence.

President Mnangagwa was represented by Defence Minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri.

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