Shamed American Actor Bill Cosby has now been moved to general population unit at Pennsylvania prison

The shamed American actor Bill Cosby who is serving time for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his home in 2004, has been moved to a general population unit as he serves his prison sentence for sexual assault in Pennsylvania.

Cosby was moved to a general population unit last week after the 81-year-old actor had spent the first four months of his sentence in special housing as he acclimatised to the SCI-Phoenix in Philadelphia.

Speaking to Report Focus, Amy Worden a state prison spokeswoman said “Mr Cosby has a single cell and is not on a ward for older inmates. Inmates there can spend several hours a day in the gym or exercise yard, and other time in the library, class or day room.”

She went on to says Cosby, who is designated legally blind, has inmates assigned to help him at times, given his age and disability.

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