An interesting Presidential Candidate in the Malawi Elections meet Ras Chikomeni

A Mzuzu-based farmer and musician Ras Chikomeni David Chirwa is fast attracting international attention.

The 41 year old presidential aspirant who is a Rastafarian has brought a spark to Malawian politics.

Ras Chikomeni David Chirwa has his mother as running mate in the forth coming elections.

Commenting on his running mate, his mother Niness Kayengo, Chikomeni said he picked her because she has been his adviser all his life said he wanted to achieve a balance  in bringing women leadership and experience, saying she is a retired public servant “but not tired.”

The eccentric Ras Chikomeni believes that one plant of Industrial Hemp can emply 10 million people and he will legalise cultivation of the hemp.
Chikomeni revealed that he once owned six hectares of industrial hemp, but police arrested him for growing crop.

Ras Chikomeni Kadelere Chirwa presented his nomination papers to the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) on Wednesday aftermoon in preparation for the May 21 2019 Tripartite Elections but his papers were rejected because he had not paid K2million nomination fee. He also had not got enough signatures for his nomination.

However, Malawi Electoral Commission MEC chairperson Jane Ansah gave Ras Chikomeni time to ratify the anomalies in his nomination papers. She said Ras Chikomeni has been given two days to act on the anomalies and present the papers again.

“Having scrutinised your papaers, we find that there are two conditions that have not been fulfilled. You  have not made the K2 million [nomination fee] payment,” said Ansah.

Ansah, a judge at the Supreme Court of Appeal,  cited Section 45 subsection  1 of the Elections Acts said the candidate should deposit the nomination fees  with the returning officer at the time of presenting the papers.
“At the time you submitted your papers you have not paid your nomination fees,” she said.

His supporters chanted  tisonkhe! tisonkhe! (Let us contribute).
MEC chairperson also said “there are not enough nominators for 19 districts” as supporters shouted  tisaine! (let us sign).
Ansah explained that there should be a  minimum of 10 signatures in each districts of the country.

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