One year on after the death of Morgan Tsvangirai his legacy lives

Harare-A year after Zimbabwe’s charismatic opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai succumbed to colon cancer, his country is still struggling with legitimacy crisis.

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Tsvangirai’s death on February 14, 2018, triggered fears that the party that he found would sink into the political abyss. 

It was a sea of red as hundreds of Movement for Democratic Change supporters converged in Harare to commemorate one year since the passing on of their selfless leader whom they described as the father of Democracy.

MDC-Alliance organising secretary who is also Mkoba legislator Amos Chibaya said Tsvangirai was a champion of democracy.

“The legacy that our President left is the fight for democracy as you are aware he is the first person in the history of Zimbabwe to challenge Zanu PF under Robert Mugabe and he is the first person to defeat Mugabe in March 2008 harmonised elections, he was a champion for democracy, he was a person who could forgive you are aware that quite a number of people were killed and raped since the formation of our party. He agreed to work with Mugabe which was proof that he wanted to work for the people of Zimbabwe” Chibaya said

 Tsvangirai’s daughter and Glen View legislator Vimbayi described her father as a blessing and father to many Zimbabweans.

“He was a blessing to me as he was a friend and father to Zimbabwe, I am happy that his legacy has been honoured” she said

Tsvangirai’s widow, Elizabeth Macheka described her husband as selfless and brave.

 “Morgan was someone who could not show that he is angry, he was selfless as he said people first. Though he was in pain he could not show it but you could see that he was in pain that’s how brave he was” said Elizabeth

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Reverend Tedious Munemo who worked with Tsvangirai since 1999 said

“Though we are saddened with his departure, we are here to celebrate his legacy, his legacy lives. Though today the world is celebrating Valentine’s Day to me the day must be called Democracy day as Morgan was an icon for democracy. He was the father of democracy who was fearless and consistent” said Rev Munemo.

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