Bulawayo plunged into darkness; Thieves suspected to have stolen power cables

ZIMBABWE: Cable theft at one of Bulawayo’s substation left several suburbs and the entire city centre without electricity. Residents of Zimbabweans second largest city woke up to find that the city’s electricity supply was cut off.

The city was brought “to its knees” by unprecedented pilfering of copper and aluminium cables, which has caused extensive blackouts and power cuts as organised gangs plunder miles of the country’s electricity lines to sell as scrap.

The result has been entire suburbs plunged into darkness, the central business district left with no electricity, and frequent chaos on the roads as traffic lights fail.

Business owners had to resort to fuel powered generators as there was no electricity during the early hours of this morning.

According to reports, suspected thieves broke into a main substation around midnight.

One business owner who spoke to Report Focus said “ We are still trying to recover from the looting and distraction to property that happened after the demonstrations after the fuel price hikes and now this? One wonders if we will survive these setbacks this is not good for business. I hope the authorities will remedy this situation expeditiously.”

Bulawayo has experienced a period of heavy downpours and some people suspect that the rains could have caused the power outage.