The Tragic Story of UK Based Tshidz Pongo urgent appeal

The Tragic Story of UK Based Tshidz Pongo urgent appeal

Like most of us she came to the United Kingdom in search of a more rewarding existence. Everyone who knew her can testify how hardworking she was. She loved life and her energy was infectious.

Even on the fateful day when she was told that she had Stage 4 Breast Cancer, she continued to live her life in the most amazing way. The NHS doctors told her that her breast cancer had already spread to her vital organs and thus she was no longer a candidate for chemotherapy.

Tshidz was passionate about girl empowerment and promoting positivity and she did that till the end. With cancer ravaging through her system, she still managed to publish a book titled “More Than A Woman: The Power of Inner Peace”. This book, published in March 2019, was to be her last word.

In the honour of Tshidz, The Diaspora Urgent Question hosted by Caroline Mujeyi Nyakudya (of will be going around the U.K encouraging women to have regular health checks.

Tshidz’s husband, Brilliant Pongo, and son Travis have set up a PayPal account to help continue with Tshidz’s work. Please find it in your heart to donate to the late Tshidz’s cause by visiting this link:

Tshidz will be buried on the 24th of June 2019 at Wombridge Cemetery.

Church Service will take place at 1pm and the venue will be Wombridge Parish Church, 14 Wombridge Road, Telford TF2 6HT – Report Focus News