Uphold the constitution Zimbabwe Government told

Harare-Zimbabwe Civic Society Organisations (CSOs) have called on the Government to stop the persecution of unionists and human rights defenders.

Speaking to journalists during a joint statement by civic society organisations under the banner of People Matter Campaign over the abduction of Dr Peter Magombeyi, Rashid Mahiya said the Government must uphold the constitution.

“We reiterate our calls for his (Dr Magombeyi) immediate release and call on the Government of Zimbabwe to immediately stop persecuting unionists and human rights defenders. As a collective of unionists, civil society and churches, we reiterate our position that the Government must uphold the Constitution, respect for human rights and adhere to all tenets of democracy,” said Mahiya

The CSOs said they are worried that “Over the years Zimbabwe has a history of enforced disappearances with prominent activists such as Edson Sithole, Itai Dzamara, Rashiwe Guzha, Patrick Nabayama, Ghandi Mudzingwa and Jestina Mukoko.

“Some were eventually found and arraigned before courts on spurious charges while others have never been accounted for.”

They expressed fear that if the situation goes unabated there are chances of instability in the country and beyond.

“We fear that if the situation continues unchecked, there are greater chances of an escalation of social unrest and instability in Zimbabwe”

The CSOs said in order to create social contract between the citizens and those governing there is need to have a national dialogue which brings on board a cross section of stakeholders.

“In this regard we hold the firm view that the national dialogue process must never be restricted to political parties but should rather bring on board a cross section that include civic society, labour, women, youth, religious groups, business among other critical stakeholders,”

The abduction of Dr. Peter Magombeyi has come at a time when the economic situation continues to deteriorate.

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