Malawi Electoral Commission Chairperson makes public appearance amid tight security

A controversial Chairperson of the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Jane Ansa,  made her first public appearance on Monday amid tight security, when she opened an Annual General Conference for the Electoral Commissions Forum for SADC countries, being held in Blantyre a commercial city in southern Malawi.

Ansa who is the central cause of the post elections protests in the Sothern African nation had not been seen to the public since she declared President Peter Mutharika a winner of the May 21, elections.

Some quarters believe the elections results reported to have many anomalies are alleged to have been rigged by Mutharika’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in collaboration with the electoral body. Two opposition Presidential hopefuls are challenging the results in court and the public is anxiously waiting for the ruling in December.

While on the other part, Thousands of Malawians led by a group of human rights activists called Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC), have been protesting on the streets against the elections outcome and demanding resignation of Ansa as the Commission’s Chairperson.

These protests have caused security concerns for Ansa who only appeared to the public Yesterday amid tight security comprising of the Malawi Defense Forces and Malawi Police. Speaking during the event, Ansa who is also the President of the Forum said she was very excited to host the Annual General Conference.

“It is a time of great excitement and joy for us as Malawi Electoral Commission and also as Electoral Commissions Forum for SADIC countries that we can have your Honour grace this auspicious occasion to open this 21st Annual General Conference,” she said.

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