Louis Jr Tshakoane’s Forex Book Now a Best-Seller!

World renowned Prophetic Forex Trader Louis Jr Tshakoane has officially crossed R2+ Million in revenue and sales from his latest book Forex Millionaire in 365 Days by God’s Grace. The book has sold well due to the massive loyal African following he has gathered over the past 5 years. With 2000+ pre-ordered and copies sold online before the book launch he has struck the needs of many aspiring forex traders around the world. With over 1 Million social media followers on Facebook and Instagram he has also started a free prophetic forex signals telegram channel with over 5000 subscribers. Where he provides forex signals for free to those young people who cant afford to pay for the expensive premium signals on the market.He has stated that his book is the most expensive yet best selling Forex Book of All-Times thus far. “A product of history in the making”.

The book costs $75USD yet many people still keep ordering it despite its steep price tag. One may love to know whats the secret behind the success of his first written book which can be found at www.forexmillionaires.com . “I have noticed that there is a gap in the market for quality forex mentorship” says Louis. “I discovered that many people attend expensive training courses yet walk away dissatisfied and still confused on the deep secrets surrounding Forex Trading. After being mentored by Master Forex Trader Dr. Phd. Shepherd Bushiri and growing many personal FOREX trading accounts from $500 USD to thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. I began to envision putting this method into a formulae that I could share with my followers to alleviate poverty on the African continent. The moment I announced the launch date for the book the orders began flooding in from every direction”.

“Young People in Africa are just obsessed with FOREX” say Louis…

The whole book is full of powerful knowledge and strategies I use personally when I trade on the financial markets from Monday to Friday. I often go live on Instagram and Facebook book videos and people keep asking me for tips especially when I trade the NFP (Non-Farm Payroll) Employment signal on the first Friday of every month. My followers love that trade because a trader can double their account or triple just on that day.I help my students through my book to practice risk and money management. My mentor Dr. Bushiri always says, “In Forex to avoid a risk, you need to exercise patience”. Ever since I mastered this simple kingdom principle I decided to use it in my trading strategy and it worked wonders. Hence the words God’s Grace in the title of my book. Without God I would not have been able to get his far and become world famous as a good trader. It takes hours and hours of daily trading to develop your own style of trading. That is why when someone buys my book they automatically qualify to a free lifetime of live video mentorship with me.

That is also a major reason why people are flocking to buy the book. I don’t expect people to spend all their money on the training costs from other institutions. They buy the book get free signals and lifetime mentorship then use their own money to fund their offshore trading accounts. Its a win-win solution for them 🙂 The is a big misconception in the marketplace that I provide Forex Investments and professional financial advise as a result of the advent of fake profiles being created on social media to lure in unsuspecting victims into get rich quick schemes. I have never done such and never will. I completely respect the law and warn the general public against being tempted to engage in such services. Kindly report to me or the authorities should you notice a suspicious social media page pretending to be me. P.S Always make sure you trade with a licensed forex broker and not to deposit funds into random bank accounts.