Zimbabweans feel the heat as economy shrinks

Harare-Zimbabweans have called on President Mnangagwa’s government to address the current economic down turn that has seen prices of basic commodities spiraling beyond their control.

In survey by Report Focus News ordinary citizens in Harare called for swift reaction to the escalating prices of goods.

“We have suffered for a long time, it is high time that urgent measures be taken to avoid the 2008 scenario. They continue to raise fuel prices yet our salaries are stagnant. We cannot even buy clothes for our kids,” said Taurai Mverechena a vendor

In a video that has gone viral on social media one woman who claims to be a sex worker says clients have been elusive because of economic hardships.

“We appeal to the government to offer us employment. I survive on prostitution but men are not coming because they are also facing hardships. We cannot feed children or send them to school, things are tough, if we go to South Africa we are attacked…,” said the unidentified woman

Another man in the video says “There is no employment, no drinking water and no electricity we do not know if the President is leading the country…he should just resign”

Prices of basic commodities have soared in recent weeks with retailers doubling prices. Motorists have also cried foul after recent fuel increases.

Transport operators have also increased fares to various suburbs with the minimum charge standing at RTGS $4 whilst residents from Chitungwiza and Mabvuku are forking RTGS $9 per trip.

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