Liberia teachers strike over two months’ pay arrears

Classrooms in government-run secondary schools in and around Liberia’s capital, Monrovia, remained empty on Wednesday due to a teachers’ strike over salary arrears, among other things.

This kind of strike action to demand the payment of wages has become common in Liberia in recent times.

On Tuesday thousands of students affected by the teachers’ action staged street protests and then gathered in front of the presidency and other locations to draw President George Weah’s attention to the situation.

As President Weah’s motorcade approached his office, protesters tried to get in the way but they were driven back by police.

Many of the student demonstrators were treated for wounds.

The president’s office told the BBC that Mr Weah could not meet the students on Tuesday as no meeting had been arranged.

Riot police were seen outside the presidency on Wednesday to deter the students from returning.

The strike began on Monday with the teachers demanding that their August and September salaries be paid.

Education Minister Ansu Sonii has been trying to persuade the striking teachers to give the government more time to process their salaries.