We are not in talks with Zanu PF says MDC

Harare-The main opposition MDC has dismissed reports in some circles of the media suggesting they are meeting with their Zanu PF rivals on a negotiating table.

Responding to the reports MDC Secretary General Charlton Hwende dismissed the reports saying they are neither involved in any formal
nor informal talks with Zanu PF citing that his party won the 2018 elections.

“The MDC would like to put it on record that it has not been involved in any meeting with Zanu PF either formal, ad-hoc or informal. As the party that won the 2018 election, the MDC is committed to resolving the socioeconomic problems facing the country in keeping with its promise to the people of Zimbabwe at the 2018 Election,” said Hwende in a statement

He called on for genuine dialogue that is aimed at resolving the legitimacy question as well as attending the political and economic

“The MDC understands that the deepening crisis is a direct consequence of the unresolved 2018 Presidential election wherein popular will was disregarded and the MDC was prevented from executing its mandate as the winning party. We therefore, believe that it is fundamental that there be genuine dialogue aimed at resolving this legitimacy question and to attend to political and economic reforms. The MDC believes that the platform for this dialogue must be convened by a neutral arbitrator or institution and that the outcome of the dialogue and its execution be guaranteed by SADC, AU or the UN” he said

Hwende added “The MDC would like to reassure its members and the nation that we have not digressed from the path to dialogue as explicitly expressed in the RELOAD document.”

There had been reports in the media suggesting that the MDC had sent emissaries to Zanu PF as a way convincing them to come to the negotiating table as the deteriorating economic situation continues.