Zimbabwe Government strikes again fires more doctors

Harare-The Zimbabwe government has fired 211 doctors after they were found guilty of abstention from duty without leave or reasonable cause.

A statement by Health Services Board (HSB) chairperson Dr Paulinus Sikhosana has revealed.

“To date, 279 doctors have been served with charge letters, 213 hearings completed and 211 doctors found guilty of absenting themselves from duty without leave or reasonable cause for days ranging from five or more.

“The 211 doctors found guilty have been discharged from the health service. Three (3) doctors appeared in person before the disciplinary tribunals and two (2) doctors had their determinations reserved pending verification of their cases” said Dr. Sikhosana

According to Dr Sikhosana 516 out of 1,601 medical doctors employed in the public sector are expected to appear before the disciplinary tribunals.

The doctors have dismissed the disciplinary committees as a fallacy which only fools would appear. Earlier this week the government fired 77 doctors.

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