Air Zimbabwe seeking authorisation for Europe operations

Air Zimbabwe acting CEO Joseph Makonese stated the airline is “looking at initiating operations into Europe”

“What is required is a strong national airline. A strong national airline will facilitate travel and trade. When you look at those two as soon as they start booming, the benefits fall back to us the airline as there will be a lot of travel.

“Whilst there will be a lot of travel, this is when we say which areas come in. As a national airline, we are compelled as a national requirement to service certain destinations. I must admit we do not want to operate unprofitably, we want to operate profitably. We are looking at initiating operations into Europe. We made our submissions this year after we get approval of the third country operator, we are going to Europe,” he said.

Whilst Air Zimbabwe is opening up its air space to international airlines, it is also planning to re-introduce flights to operate in Europe in the last quarter of 2020.

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