Chaos in Harare as police disrupt Nelson Chamisa nation address

Harare- Scores of Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) supporters and passers-by were injured when riot police fired tear gas and assaulted them at the party’s headquarters Wednesday morning.

MDC supporters had gathered to hear party president Nelson Chamisa address his Hope of the Nation address.

Minutes after his arrival police started beating people injuring unsuspecting citizens who were going about their business. The skirmishes occurred at Harvest House and nearby areas where shops were forced to close.

Nkululeko Sibanda spokesperson for Chamisa said it was a surprise that police started attacking people.

“It is surprising because we did everything we could to make sure that the police are aware of what we wanted to do. We had long meetings with the authorities and we don’t even know under what authority they are operating. It is certainly surprising” said Sibanda

Police had cordoned all roads and streets near Harvest House this after the MDC had notified the police of their intention to hold a gathering. It was however declined by the police.

Meanwhile three journalists were also assaulted during the chaos. Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) has reported that Daniel Chigundu, Loreen Tadzingwa  from Open Parly and Ranganai Zimunya of Corah were assaulted while livestreaming despite pleading with the police that they were journalists.

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