Mnangagwa divorced from the liberation agenda-MDC youth

Harare- MDC National Youth Assembly spokesperson Stephen ‘Sarkozy’ Chuma has claimed that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is divorced from the liberation agenda.

This comes after yesterday’s attack by riot police on MDC supporters.

“Yesterday’s events at Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House where the illegitimate Emmerson Mnangagwa regime unleashed rogue police elements to unleash violence on innocent citizens is a clear reminder that military dictatorship has totally usurped the liberation war agenda,” said Chuma

He said the attack on civilians was a reminder of the colonial era where colonial regimes attacked their own people.

“Reading from the colonial book where colonial regimes would unleash their repressive state apparatuses on their very own people, Emmerson Mnangagwa unleashed a ruthless semi military police force to beat up women and children including those on their mothers’ backs.

“Reminiscent of Ian Smith’s _mabhurakwachas_ that were infamous for their brutality on fellow citizens, Mnangagwa’s semi military police force ran riot at MDC offices beating up and spraying teargas on its very own citizens” he said

He added “Just like as Ian Smith’s colonial regime butchered natives at Chimoio and Nyadzonio, Emmerson Mnangagwa’s native comprador regime has guts to spray live ammunition on its defenseless citizens as was the case on 01 August 2018.

“Whereas Smith used the draconian LOMA to ban demonstrations, Mnangagwa has a perfected piece of repressive legislation called MOPA that he uses to quash and mop up any dissenting voices,”

“While the revolution and the liberation agenda was about dismantling colonial legacies, Mnangagwa through the military have successfully established neo-colonialism via a farcical ‘Operation Restore Legacy’,”

Chuma claimed that President Mnangagwa has already been judged and found guilty

“Already ED has been judged and found guilty of crimes against humanity by the ever dependable court of public opinion and just like his fellow native compradors of the past, the end is nigh!”

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