Open Letter To Mnangagwa (President Of Zimbabwe)

Allow me to introduce myself so that you don’t turn around tomorrow and claim that you don’t know the originator of this letter. My name is Gugulethu Ncube.

I am a Zimbabwean national who among others fought day and night defending your ascension to the presidential seat I thought your rise was going to be the beginning of the brighter era in which Zimbabweans enjoy the fruits of their land, but alas, I was wrong] I address this letter to you because there is nothing that can and happens under your watch without yOu knowing. Thus your excuses on issues like the cartels running the country being a mammoth task to curb are all lies. unless you are part of that cartel

Cde E.D; you can’t in your rightful senses take pride in dismissing more than 200 medical doctors while you claim to be having the interests of the poor of the poorest citizen in your heart_ From where I am standing, this is a clear indication of your failure to prioritise the citizens. Ws a clear indication that you are only desperate to satisfy your greedy ego at the expense of the very citizens who gave you the benefit of doubt and voted for you. A medical doctor is a need, not a want! Your excuse will be doctors were trained to save lives and should not be protesting_ Indeed they signed contracts to save lives, but they never signed their rights to dignity away_ Hence you must first create a conducive environment for them to work in. It’s your duty to do so. Zimbabweans employed you to safeguard their interests and you must do exactly that. Hospitals have no medicine_ it doesn’t affect you because you can afford to get a state jet and jet anywhere For your treatment_ Who will vote for you in 2023 if we are all dead?

It’s a disgrace that under your watch university graduates find themselves selling airtime to put bread on the table. What is the difference between you and your predecessor? Well, from where I am standing I see none. I am entitled to my views after all. Allow me, the woman who spent nights defending your rise to tell you that you have failed to walk the talk sir. I believed in you but you have failed to live your word_

Under your watch citizens are failing to get their passports on time. If you cannot look after the country then why are you forcing people indirectly to remain within our boarders and die like goats? Is this your way of covering your shame of the fact that Zimbabweans are already scattered all over the world and treated like second class world citizens? If you have to stop people from travelling, at least provide them with a better life that you promised. May I remind you that you are not Zimbabwe, neither are you ZANU PE Thus the same people who elected you can remove you from that seat, just like they did with the late Robert Mugabe. You need to only do one thing, deliver or step down_ Thus what dignified, honourable leaders do. Please note that respect is earned and not demanded_ How do you expect Citizens to respect a father that does not respect their dignity?

Under your watch Zimbabwe is further and Further experiencing divisions. Recently we had f,Jdebele speaking young people who were deprived of their right to employment in the hospital that is meant to cater for them_ This means nothing to you_ These are young people whose future you are messing up. I will not mention well known issues like shortage of fuel and electricity.

It’s enough! Shape up or step down while you still can! Zimbabwe belongs to Zimbabwean, not to you and your circle.