Sacked Zimbabwe doctors given 48-hours unconditionally Return to Work

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said the hundreds of junior doctors, who have been sacked for going on strike, can return to work in the next 48 hours without having to reapply for their jobs.

The ultimatum follows the president’s meeting with church leaders on Thursday.

More than 400 doctors have received letters of dismissal because of their failure to turn up to work. They had been told that they need to reapply for their jobs if they want them back.

But the latest announcement could be seen as an olive branch to try and solve the crisis.

Doctors have been refusing to go to work since the beginning of September and have demanded a pay rise.

The doctors do not call it a strike – rather an “incapacitation”, saying they cannot afford to go to work.

They are asking for salary increases to cope with triple-digit inflation amid Zimbabwe’s collapsing economy.

Most of the striking doctors take home less $100 (£77) a month, not nearly enough to buy food and groceries – or get to work.

The state-run Herald newspaper reports that the junior doctors have rejected the president’s offer unless it is accompanied by a new pay offer.


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