Zimbabwe dispels parliament sex scandal

Harare-Zimbabwe Clerk of Parliament has dismissed claims on social media that two legislators were caught pants down in a bathroom at Parliament.

In a statement Clerk of Parliament Kennedy Chokuda the reports were an attempt to doubt Members of Parliament and the institution itself.

“The Parliament of Zimbabwe has noted with grave concern, the flagrant and irresponsible abuse of social media by one person supposedly writing under the moniker, Monica Mashinda, in a brazen attempt to impugn the integrity of individual Members of Parliament and the institution of Parliament collectively.

“The shameless author of the ‘fake news’ article circulating on Whatsapp, makes patently untrue and malicious allegations against named Hon. Members of Parliament under the headline “Legislators Caught Pants Down in Parly Toilet.” said Chokuda

He said nothing of that nature occurred and will never happen in Parliament.

“The Parliament of Zimbabwe would like to categorically dismiss this fake news article with the contempt that it deserves and to reassure the public that nothing of the sort has ever happened, nor, indeed, will it ever happen in Parliament” he said

He further added “The nature of the security and traffic of persons within Parliament Building is such that the alleged trysts would not happen.

“Despite any misgivings that the public may have, Members of Parliament are guided by strict rules of decorum in their conduct which they earnestly endeavour to follow in and outside Parliament. It is our hope that the public can see through this malicious vendetta of vilification and character assassination for what it is”

Social media was awash with allegations that Deputy Minister of Information Energy Mutodi was caught pants down with a female legislator.